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    1. Home schooling? What are you talking about? Home schooled children are actually smart. They aren’t taught that faggots are people too. They know their geography, grammar, mathematics, science, and essentially all the thing they are SUPPOSED to be taught in schools minus the feel-good, emotionally screwing, social engineering bullshit public schools force down the throats of guinea pig kids whose parents are either too poor or too stupid to realize that their children are being shaped and twisted into good little libtard robots (future voters) and obedient little socialists. Home schooled kids know how to detect bullshit and necer vote for demonicrats, which automatically makes them smarter than 50% of today’s adults.

      It does of course depend on the home and the “schooler” but as a generality, your statement is ignorant and manufactured by the media you engulf daily, and whose agenda is to keep you stupid and think that the public school system can actually raise a child better than caring parents (assuming those parents are intelligent of course).

      Way off dude!

  1. Rob Nunya pardon me I do not know you but your comments have stood out far enough for this lowly Public school graduate to see. I am confused here were you HOME SCHOOLED or did you learn to talk like that on your own? I have never heard that many adjectives used in one statement before, but then again I am a lowly Public School educated ummm “Guinea Pig” I believe you compared us to? So Sorry for you lack of understanding when it comes to educations. I do have a beautiful 14 year old granddaughter who was taught at home as well as in public school. She is on her high honor roll every quarter. My son was Public School all the way and did I mention to you that he actually finished all her high school studies at the end of his 9th year in school. Let me see that would be he was 15 when he was ready to enter college, not bad for public school. Oh by the way I am back in College now and for a PUBLIC SCHOOL educated woman who has been out of the school system for more years than you have been on this earth I am sure, I am maintaining a 96.33 average, not bad for PUBLIC SCHOOL you could admit. I could go on and on listing many experiences that I have witnessed with both Public School and Home Schooling. But I do not want to bore someone like yourself with such statistics, I am sure that is something that you would know more than I since you were Home School’d am I right there? What one learns in a building or a home, from television or from listening to elders has nothing to do with where they were taught. A child will grow into himself and become and think what he sets his mind towards. We can sit back and call people names and put down the world for all our problems but in the end it is the individual that makes his life what it is. If you do not like certain people and what they choose in their life to be that is your right to not like, but it is not your right to judge. That is unless you became a judge during your home schooling lessons? I would also like to point out towards your last comment, “It does of course depend on the home and the “schooler” but as a generality, your statement is ignorant and manufactured by the media you engulf daily, and whose agenda is to keep you stupid and think that the public school system can actually raise a child better than caring parents (assuming those parents are intelligent of course)” First what is A “”SCHOOLER” I have not heard that word every used before. Question, What does the “HOME” have to do with the type of education a child would receive? A building does not make the child, nor does where a child learns, it is what he actually absorbs while being taught that molds the child into the person they become. You pay mention to the “MEDIA” I take it that you take time from your busy life to listen to the “AGENDA” that they seem to ‘ENGULF’ the world with? Obviously they have your attention. It has not harmed you to watch this nor has it changed your opinion either has it? You seem to have a different opinion than what they BLURT our to keep everyone “STUPID” as you put it. Now your last statement, “THINK THAT THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM CAN ACTUALLY RAISE A CHILD BETTER THAN CARING PARENTS………..ASSUMING THOSE PARENTS ARE INTELLIGENT OF COURSE” What do you consider INTELLIGENT? There have been many parents who have had no education at all yet their children went on to become doctors, lawyers, even judges. My own Father finished high school at the age of 14. He was advanced several times throughout his PUBLIC SCHOOL education years, my mother was a drop out by the time she was 15. YET they had 4 children who all went on to college and became what they wanted us to be, “those who would have a better life ahead of them than what they had had”. Every parents wish I am sure. I was wondering, actually pondering if I would even take the time to bother you with my writings, then I thought there is a question that does need to be asked of you, Are your parents of superior intelligence? Are they so far advanced that they have no others left in the world to challenge them in conversation? Is what is coming out of your mouth and the thoughts of what is “wrong” with the world the actual knowledge that they passed on to you through Home Schooling? BECAUSE if it is I am ashamed of you and of them. You all seem to lack one important thing in your lives, COMPASSION. For if you had any at all you would not have started your comments back with the word and subsequent words that you had said. You are biased, illiterate, uneducated obviously, and an embarrassment to this country. You should run for office, I am sure that there would be some others just like you that would vote for you and your dirty mouth. I do believe that if ever I hear such garbage come out of another’s mouth that you spat off here I would think it were someone who went to the same HOME SCHOOL ROOM as you. May I ask are you FEDERALLY FUNDED? good luck

  2. This is why america is such a shit hole, your education system sucks, your health care system sucks, your economy sucks, your cities are shit and going bankrupt but only america would choose to chase WMD’s that don’t exist and spend trillions of dollars on that instead of helping its own country and people. What a fucking disgrace. Nothing but fat and stupid sheeple.

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