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  1. Ummmm yeahhh. Mr. Mackey says: Drugs’r baaad, mmmkay!

    Ok, now any libtard please convince me why she needs to be left alive? No really! Why? This is libtardation at its finest. This is the “new generation”. What use is she to humanity? What, she’s going to invent the better heart valve, cure cancer or build the rocket that flies to Pluto in under a month, what? If you truly leave personal feelings and philosophies out of the equation this whore would serve mankind better by being turned into fertilizer for trees. Just a useless generation. Swear to Christ! Yuck.

    1. You’re such a tard. You have taken a very short video of someone quite clearly off their head, done a whole heap of surmising about what sort of person they are, what deficiencies they have and how much of a waste to society they are. I’ve known loads of clubbers who were dribbling gurning messes over the weekend then went back to their high-paid or ‘valued’ jobs. Some people just enjoy getting off their face.

      I know you’re just the latest incarnation of a very sad man who has nothing better to do than spew bitterness on every single epicfail video.
      I hope you find some happiness in your life soon because clearly, you don’t have any at the moment!

    2. Steve – exactly? Well where do I start? Started 3 businesses, 2 of which ave saved countless lives through medical research. The other 1 just topped over $300 million gross annual sales with a 22% profit margin. I run a nonprofit org in 2 countries that helps medical students study in the field, free of ANY fees whatsoever, travel and lodging included. I have patented 9 medical devices and 3 formulas that may even have saved – or extended the life of – someone you know. I have made countless contributions to anti drug programs and chair one of the most notable Diabetes foundations. I have a pilot’s license, numerous 1st through 3rd place amateur awards in MMA, own and train a tennis workshop, and run a game & wildlife preservation chapter for fisherman and outdoorsmen (emphasis here on “MEN” – something you may not be familiar with), which works toward sustaining fish and other saltwater wildlife whilst operating own small hotel and fishing charter.

      Now…….. how’bout YOUUU?!!!!!


    3. JK – ok bud. If it helps you sleep at night thinking that I’m not happy, so be it. I just described about, uhhh I’d say 5% of the things my life consists of – and I’m not under-exaggerating by saying 5% because there is a lot more – to ole Steve up there. I just do not have the time nor the interest to detail my life on Epicfail, especially for fear that you morons might try finding me or something. But have a gander at what I have offered and you tell me, am I saaaaad boo-hoo 🙁 ?

      Oh Lordy! Come on, twinkle-toes. No hard feelings. I have a job for you. I know you’re living with mom (dad’s probably out of the picture) in the basement wondering why no one will hire you. I have a job for you. Toilets need a’cleanin’ and the shoes need a’shinin. Please, help turn my sad frown upside-down.

    4. and somewhere, deep within rural Idaho, Jeremy Eugene Johnson, who likes to call himself Rob Nunya online for the sole reason that it sounds a tad more interesting than his own name, smiles at his first real trolling victory, before going back to watching anime and playing another match of DOTA2 afterwards.

    5. Rob Nunya I call Bullshit on your little lifetime of success story. Every video I watch on epicfail has a comment by you. How exactly are you saving lives when you spend your life on websites talking shit? You’re a dumbass, plain and simple. And your first comment about te girl being a waste of life is bullshit. I don’t do MDMA but just remember that the generations before took LSD and they’re running the world right now fuckface. And again I CALL BULLSHIT you fake ass fuck.

    6. yeah robby Nunytard, I believe everything you say… You post it on epic fail, so it must be true! You obviously have a brilliant mind. Go back to sunday school.

    7. Sure…. Rob. I’m an astronaut,doctor, pilot and a martial arts master …. Wait… Shall I go on?

      You can say you have whatever fantasy like you can come up with, but the fact is a very busy and accomplished person does not have time to troll around the internet and tell everyone how awesome they are.

  2. JK I don’t care how fancy a job, or much money someone has, twerking on the ground covered in mud, recorded and put on EF means something has gone wrong with your life.

  3. guys claims to own businesses and be super smart, and here he is on epicfail trying to justify all this info to ppl he doesnt even know. i think youre the one who needs to be eradicated from society…

  4. Had me there for a second, epicfail… for one moment i was actually thinking that she wasn’t wearing ANYTHING and for once this site went full-on porno… I was only MILDLY disappointed when i realised she was wearing a bikini…

    1. On a more serious note: It’s pretty sickening if you think that the probability that she got horrifically raped afterwards is quite high…

  5. someone may have spiked her drink? its a little immature to say she is a waste to humanity. The art of saving lives is about taking what is messed up and making it beautiful again, honestly if I saw her at a rave i would get her a glass of water & make sure she gets home safely.

    1. nd… contrary to popular belief by all the dumb kids who take ecstasy, water is actually bad while you’re on mdma. Water can cause hyponatremia which is pretty much the water intoxicating the body. So you could actually kill her if you give her water. fun fact. Gotta be careful.

  6. Being at the heights of an MDMA/Molly/E roll is never a fail. It feels fucking great.
    The only way you fail is if you’re one of those dumb fucks who do it every other day. Or you take way too much, sit around sick and wasting your day/night curled up in a corner being boring, and then when you come down, you take MORE. You’re fucking retarded, enjoy your stunted emotional development.

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