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    1. What would the world do without you? Maybe you can describe how the epicfail motorcycle robber would have been more effective had he brought a second accomplice along, or how the “talent fail” singer in the woods would have been more appealing had she taken more voice lessons. Your observations are so astute and necessary. Thank you Captain Obvious! Thank you. You saved the day again.

    2. My next observation is that you should take that massive dildo out of your ass. Your Nigerian boyfriend will be definitely helpful.

    1. And stoned libtards, extreme “sports” druggies, and nlggers who want to get over their natural jungle bred fear of water.

    2. And if it’s the Rio Grande in that snapshot, this sign was actually made for spicks. Rednecks would have more sense.

  1. The fail is probably due to some dumb-ass who looked at the water and went for a swim anyway – drowning in the process or needing his ass rescued. That’s why the sign is there.

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