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    1. the epic fail is the number of nimrods like me who watched Bruce Lee’s 5th cousin twice removed create fly disturbing turbulence and not much else.

    1. I know! I watched the whole thing thinking he was going to knock himself out or something else funny. Instead I watched 3 minutes of nothing.

  1. I don’t get it. This is a video of a guy doing a nunchuk routine, first with sound, then the video repeats without sound. I was waiting for him to hit himself, break a window, take out the guys watching, or something, but it never happened. He was actually pretty athletic. I doubt any visitors to this site could do the routine he did. Where’s the fail?

    1. Wow that was painful to watch. That dude had no clue what he was doing. The three sectioned staff is an incredibly hard weapon to learn and wield. It would be much better for him to cut the lengths chain and carry three sticks into a fight.

  2. Sorry, I got bored and couldn’t finish the video. It looked like he knew what he was doing. Where’s the fail? Other than it appeared on this site.

  3. silly people. the second half is fill-in-the-blank time, where YOU get to make all the cool ninja sounds and sound-effects. Eg.:

    heyy-AHHH!…. HOO!….puff, puff, whew…HOO!….click, click, clickety….

    I could watch this for HOURS…

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