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    1. Yep, that’s the cross streets I’m sure…or mt elliot and heilderberg..did the project homes down there. Wonder why the guy didn’t take a picture of the whole neighberhood.

    1. Now I understand. You are a child. Go on. Keep using my handle. You’re just making fun of yourself, not me. Your comments reveal how intellectually young you are. They are the call sign of an 11-year-old. Hopefully you are not older than that, because that would be quite sad. I can even tell you do what you do out of pure anger. I bet you’re “spokk” right? What’s the matter? Did I hurt you that bad? Sorry for being intelligent and able to cut through you. If you’re some other libtard faggot, fine. Have fun. I enjoy the publicity and honor. Use my name proudly!

    2. Oh no poor Rob, he’s getting mad. Don’t mess with him he may attack you with his huge head full of brainwashed intelligence. You are nothing but a sad little troll who lacks an original thought. Only a pathetic douche would spew their political agenda on a fail site. Probably because any place else might have too much intelligent conversation for you?

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