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  1. The home of my nickname imposter. welcome to Libtard apt. #1H. Have a seat, if you can find one. This is what happens in the life of an adult (pff yeah, “adult”) liberal in its mid thirties. No skills, no work ethic, no life. Just a beaten down slob living a life of fairy tale ideologies. Your parents’ basement is a fitting alternative of course, and McD’s will hire you. You already are well on your way as their spokesman.

    1. Thanks for enlightening us on the world of libtards. I’m sorry mexicans have taken your job mowing lawns.

    2. Also, it’s a fact that the conservative bible belt is the healthiest and fittest areas of the country, not like the libtard New York City, San Francisco, cities in libtard New England, and other sinful towns.

    3. You folks please forgive my brother. He recently got fired for trying to force his views on coworkers and customers and had his girlfriend leave him for a “libtard” This has led him to attempt to commit suicide 3 times, move back into his parents house and search for somebody to hate. Both his parents and I are dumbfounded about why he chooses to complain about how people live their lives when he is such an obvious role model. Anyway I hope you understand where the troubled comments come from and can find it in your heart to forgive him.

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