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    1. So wait Rob Nunya’s mom drank the nectar?? Rob is your dad a Brazilian Pastor? That would explain your anger at the world.

  1. Soooo, what then?

    I will not stop, and you are trying too hard. But as any reader of the troll comments section can tell, you have lost – miserably. My database of facts and info simply trump yours because you are a child. The tact, tone and silliness of your attempts show this.

    Really, what you have done is prove me right. Do you realize that? When I write a troll comment that is offensive, it is based on some credible source of either common knowledge or fact, either backed up or otherwise insinuated. If not, at least it is generally funny. Key term: TROOOOOLLLL. Sound it out.

    I rest my case.

    Such is the plight and handicap of the common liberal brain. You are your own worst enemy, i.e. stupidity tends to be its own punishment. I was just waiting for it to happen.

    Congrats! You have proven my argument.

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