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  1. Thank you epicfail for finally having the balls to mock faggots. It’s about damn time! Yes, the US libtard pop culture phenom at it’s best. This is what happens when the lines of logic and nature are blurred by political correctness and mental ineptitude. What a sight, eh? No wonder libtards cannot raise their young properly. This is the result.

    1. DaBears, you are the only funny one. The word faggot comes from the times of witch burnings. A bundle of sticks is known as a bundle of faggots. Gay people, the mentally handicapped, emotionally challenged, along with suspected witches were burned. The only ones deserving of the stake on which to be burned was the witch, everyone else was thrown in with the burning faggots. Hence the term flaming faggot. I’m glad the rest of you enjoy portraying how incredibly stupid you are by using the word faggot. Statistically speaking those who use homophobic slurs, about 59% have gay tendencies themselves. 🙂 have a great day D-bags.

    2. Ha hahaha ohhh brother! Get it all out dude. Let everyone know how astute you are. One day you will grow up–actually, probably not.

    3. Chris – while your history on the word faggot may be correct, the whole 59% thing? that is a made up idea created by “psychologists” who have nothing better to do than tow the line for the libtard agenda. that is statistical lunacy. By that logic I should really like liver and onions, secretly love snakes, and quietly think you are intelligent. Well, nope! None of the above.

      That psychobabble bullshit was invented in the early 90’s by a small handful of useless and underfunded head shrinks with little to no credentials in an attempt to further market a campaign paid for and promulgated by the radical homosexual lobby. Unfortunately you would have to read more history and real news instead of books about witch burning to know that. You are just another robotic libtard vomiting the same 11 ort so talking points that all you faggot lovers share and know. Sorry, you’re wrong and the idea that this theory could ever possibly be true is as easy to disprove as looking inward and asking yourself, “if I hate this does that mean I really like it? Hmm?” and if you are that emotionally and mentally weak, well that’s just you buddy. Most libtards do share emotional and psychological traumas so for you, it’s possible. for me? I just think faggots are the antithesis of logic and evolution by being minimally observant, and by that principal, find them disgusting perverts of human evolution. Cracked eggs if you will, that should have been tossed into the refuse bin, but instead coddled by the bleeding heart sub-brains.

      That’s a lot to soak in. Let me simplify it in libtard language: you be stupid! You is be wrong. Open book, make read dehhh.

      That should make more sense for you.

  2. What I’m trying to say in my previous comment is that I find these men really attractive and can’t help but get a boner when I see them. Oh wait, nah I can’t cause I have nothing between my legs… Oh well.

    1. You are a complete idiot. Not the other Rob, the one pretending to be him. You are trying to be clever. It’s not working.

    2. Which one do you think is the pretender (that you refer to as stupid)? the libtard or the one making fun of them?

    3. Not sure who’s who. The one insulting leftwing dingbats and homos is right like 9 out of 10 times. That Rob seems to know facts and seems to read more. His postings are ruthless but still funny and mostly true. some hate it. I don’t. Don’t always agree but truth hurts even if I don’t like it. These parasites are spreading around the world like wildfire and poisoning once good society. Only wishy washy flower children cheer them on. The generation of equality. Well news flash for you there’s no such thing as equality. Nature don’t work like that. Who cares. WTF do I know. I can’t even spell so forget it. This is a website for trolls so WTF who cares. Funny is funny. The other one who comments to get back at him with standard lib yapping and supports freaks and weirdos is just a confused noodle brain. Maybe just a kid like someone on here said. Whatever. Sorry I said anything at all. You two fight it out. Just know that both of you annoy the rest of us. Comment on pics and vids not to each other. you wanna fight exchange phone numbers and do it without us. Or here, just make any comments on the subjects any way you want like normal trolls and the funniest guy wins. Stop using this as like its your personal email. Now leave me alone.

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