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  1. ‘kin hell! Are Asians just better at fucking EVERYTHING?! Glad I live in a country that gets along with them. Lord knows it’s bye-bye America if libscum continue leading it.

    1. Hahahahaha I’m dyin! Hahahaha. I know it! You’re right. still though, necessity is the mother of invention and all, and these little fuckers sure do invent. But yeah, it’s him. Thailand’s a great place if you can get over the crazy.

  2. Please stop the ignorance people. “Minimum wage” and “$2.13/hr” are relative. It’s a low paying job to be sure, but Americans love to project their economic box to that of others. US$ 2.13/hour in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, etc., is a hell-of-a-lot more than you may think. It’s $30k/yr relatively speaking when you consider the cost of living and minimal expenses. I’m not trying to say this guy’s a happy camper, but at US prices comparatively, he has access to more basic needs.

    That said, I HIGHLY doubt he makes either $2.13 or minimum wage. And that is the real “damn shame”. Yet, he works hard as opposed to most American welfare addicts and drug slingers who can afford rims, drugs and flat-screens while neglecting their 8 illegitimate “kizz” and still siphoning hard working persons’ tax dollars to fund such “urban” lifestyles. Worry about that before you worry about this dude. He’ll be fine. He knows the meaning of hard earned pay, little as it may be.

    1. I’ve been in Thailand many times and for $10.50, I can get a young boy for the entire night! I love putting their spring rolls in my wet mouth.

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