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    1. Dude stop. Please? Your annoying. We all know the other Rob guy hurt your feelings and your angry but nuff’s enough.

    2. No no, don’t tell him to stop. Let him show everyone what an imbecile he is. His real name isn’t nickname in’t Rob Nunya. He’s most likely this “spokk” character. If not, just some other libtard dickhead who supports globalization, faggots, nlggers, Greenpeace, PETA and all the other things that come with being a completely brainwashed and deranged newbie generational mental hazard. Let him. He’s just making himself look awkward and beaten. He has nothing else worth living for.

    3. Dude stop. Your making yourself look stupid. The other guy knows and i know it which means anyone who gives a shit, and they dont, knows it to. Let it go. Your having a tantrum. Its just a website.

    4. Not to sound overly inquisitive, Rob, but what is the probability of two different people being assigned the identical avatar, one replying to the other within 4 minutes?

    5. Jesus H. Mary-mother-o-Christ! danR – this is Rob Nunya… I think? Even I’ confused now. The original guy who usually bashes libtards and whatnot, and none of the above are me. Now there’s a bunch of these fuckers using my name. Fuck the bullshit. I’m changing my nick. This has gotten beyond insane. I don’t know whether to feel honored or laugh or what. From this point onward the real me is not me… dafuq?! Yikes!

    6. In the time I’ve spent in EF (with weekend passes out for good behavior) I’ve never been so baffled since the 2-year titanic struggle between 2lolo and his redoubtable opponents.

    7. Thank you for defending me “Truth Hurts”, tonight I’ll blow you better than last night, so I can show you my gratitude.

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