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    1. MORE like, the moose knuckle LOVES his little piggy tails when she’s giving him the big black strap-on up his ass.

  1. That’s not white trash Suk. Far from it. That’s on the other end of the spectrum. White trash would have a hat, wife beater, a mustard stain somewhere, and the tattoo mandates either a skull, a heavy metal band from the 80’s, or a swastika. No, this is the unapologetic uniform of distinct liberal trash. Notice the glasses, the whimsical tattoo, and the excessive fake silver jewelry on the limbs of that thing to the left; what appears to be the female of the species. No no, that’s Portland-San Franpsycho-Seattle-ish for sure. I also believe the female mate may be the genetic strain of border jumpers.

    1. BWAHAHAHA AMG Troy I couldn’t possibly add anything to that win observation. That literally made me LOL!

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