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  1. You twist’em well and hard baby! Since I’m a homo, I’m jerking off right now imagining you, Spokk, with your manly hands, twisting my nipples! I would love to drink all your cum baby!!!

    1. Dude…. after this one spokk, you can keep my damn name. I’m pretty fucking sure I have proven my point. No matter how hard I try there is no way I could bring myself to type some shit like that pretending to be you. Pretend or no pretend. Only a true homosexual could muster saying that shit. So now I know what set you off. You really are gay. Not making fun, being serious. No bullshit, I’m not insulting you. I struck a nerve because you are a homosexual and I offended you. Well happy gaying, or whatever it is you all do. Something that sickening I can’t follow. Congratulations spokk. You have literally made me ill with disgust. Enjoy your sick lifestyle. Yuck! You’ve earned it!

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