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  1. I love my home, and there it is. All 9 sq. m. of it. This is where I go online, spending all of my waking hours leaving epicfail comments as I cannot even get a job cleaning toilets, so might as well live and die in one. To pay for it I sell my faggot ass to the highest daily bidder. So far my he-she tranny freak mother is my best customer and roommate, along with my 6 illegitimate siblings. They all sleep in the bathtub. Me, I prefer sleeping in the toilet as the fragrance reminds me of highlights from my career. I am very proud to say that I am the first in my entire genetic lineage to have made this far. I visit my father’s grave every day to say thank you for inspiring me to fulfill my dreams. His grave is a large bucket within which is his rotten corpse, standing in the corner of this mansion you see before you, but off to the corner, out of respect.

    1. Sorry, can’t help pretending to be somebody else very easily… I just go on and on in my insane rant.
      I hate fags, libtards, jigaboos, and jesus loves me!!!

    2. Oh no-no. I LOVE fags and libtards. I am one! Big fan of jigaboo apes too. I can’t hate with what I mate. As for Jesus, yeah, not so much you’re right. After all if Jesus exists he cursed me from birth.

  2. I know Spokk loves fags and libtards… But it seems I get my cock hard when I fuck Spokk’s beautiful ass. That’s because I’m a repressed homo! Though I hate them, but I get a boner thinking of gay sex!

  3. Cool. Nothing like eating pringles while shitting and watching porn all at the same time. Fucker doesn’t even have to get off the toilet to shoot his load. Just drop that jizz right in the toilet.

  4. WTF, does this guy take hour-long shits or just jerk off 20 times a day? First one to lick the keyboard gets a free half empty can of Pringles…

    1. Actually, I think what the joke is referring to is the fact that you could spend all day in there just fine, and if you need to take a shit, just open up the lid and do your business. Wash your hands when done, close the lid, and keep chillin’ in there. Repeat.

    2. It’s a good thought that he washes his hands “me7399”, but if you look closer he keeps his beers cold in the sink.

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