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    1. Pickles – you’re absolutely right. I am very sorry Pickles. The problem is Pickles, I am a faggot extremist atheist with mommy and daddy issues you see, Pickles, and a degenerate lowlife man-child with the brain–Pickles–of a drooling rubber-neck organism–Pickles–only beginning to climb the evolutionary–Pickles–chart and aspiring–Pickles–to one day become an ape, to finally–Pickles–become an ape and kickstart–Pickles–my long–Pickles–road–Pickles–to–Pickles, Pickles, Pickels…

    1. What, alarmed that his kid hasn’t turned sexually inverted like some faggot or dog-fucker? It most certainly does. Too late for spokk though. His daddy has already left at the horror of his loin-waste.

  1. This is obviously the dads fault for not hiring a whore for his son.
    That’s what needs to be done. That, and beating the shit out of the son.

  2. The gardener? Really? It actually crossed his mind that the gardener was raping his dog. That would have been on hell of a conversation if he followed that logic and accused him.

  3. White people are nasty as fuck! They would fuck their dog and eat its shit and even let the dog eat a get pussy. Yuck!!! Y’all disgust me.

    1. Somalipirate… How do you know they’re white asshole? I see ppl fucking sheep and donkeys in your country all the time and who knows what else you ignorant fuck.

    2. Somalipirate, who said anything about white people. If anything the kid was obviously Asian trying to stuff the dog before cooking it. Getting it nice and tender on the inside nigga.

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