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    1. Are you serious spokk? You’re STILL not over it? ‘Kin hell dud-ette! double your psycho pill intake and take a nap. It’s over. Let it go. You are not funny. Rob Nunya is not my real name, it’s pseudonym (tough word, I know), and just to think that the only purpose for you to come onto this site is to pretend you’re me and make self directed gay jokes (although faggots are subhuman idiots, clearly) seems like a sad way to get your 15 minutes of fame. Relax. You win. You’re “witty” and “not gay” and liberals are “smart”. Hop along now. Enjoy your existence.

    2. Neither side of the government is smart. They are just human beings in it for themselves and full of bad judgement.

    3. Rob Nunya:
      I’ll repeat it once again and for the last time. I am not doing that. It’s not funny. I do not hesitate writing what I think about you and your silly reactionary opinions under my usual nick.
      I maybe would take disguise if it was possible to do it properly. That would mean getting the same avatar too. But since it is probably generated based on some kind of 32 digit hexa code, whose algorithm I do not know, made possibly from (or also from) e-mail you fill in, which I do not know, it is completely illogical to seriously try taking somebody’s identity. People are doing so to fuck with you. I don’t need that, because I know you are already fucked up enough.
      Finally, fuck off.

    4. It’s a hashing algorithm, based on your entered e-address, that computes the avatar—called an ‘identicon’—and assembles bits of geometric shapes together. The combinations are in the billions, and the likelihood of two identical ones from difference e-addresses is extremely low.

      I cannot post immediately under an alternative address, which gives me a completely new identicon; but it awaits moderation. I don’t know how long that moderation lasts or if it is simply never posted. I can also change my name, which also invokes ‘moderation’, but the identicon is my usual one. But it won’t post.

      Can’t wait around with such experiments, and it might put me under some kind of suspicion with EF and temporary suspension or something. People with more savvy might be good at it, but I suspect they are as you say, simply random people posting and a couple of permanent spoofers who are going to stick with one name and one email.

    5. danR: Well, I have no interest in braking a 128 bit hash for this purpose. It may be fun as an exercise, though. I’d guess is’t running on some unreliable algorithm like MD5 as it is relatively unimportant function and it would be waste of server’s capacity to use something more sophisticated. That would be solvable.
      But who knows, maybe some psychopath designed this, used massive salting and some brutal multiple stage hashing, taking those 128 bits from a much longer key.

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