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  1. These hooligan bastards represent everything that is wrong with modern society. Products of believing in that unrealistic concepts like equality can work in a universe built on nature’s instinctive inequality, for better or worse.

  2. These are the hooligan bastards that horrific politics, inadequate parents, below average teacher-school qualifications, and welfare driven society standards have generated. If I left the house looking like that my mum would have strangled me with those pants. /Viggers cannot be saved.

    1. I hear ya. Don’t I know it, and all too well.

      *disclaimer* there is an impostor that uses my nickname at times out of spite to create self directed, idiotic comments to be cute. He also goes by “Rob Nunya” or “Rob (the original) Nunya. It’s not me. My nickname will be changing in time. -apologies for the need to write that.

  3. It’s like they dress to mirror their inner character; lethargic, inconsiderate, loud and unencumbered by any want to fit in anywhere. Why we have all accepted to tolerate them is a quagmire for the ages.

  4. What a dumb ass watermelon. Fucking porch monkeys like this jerkoff should be rounded up and sent to live out their pathetic, skill less lives on an island made of garbage.
    As soon as this jungle bunny steals something, it’s going to be mighty hard running from the law with his pants around his ankles. But they’re already in the right position for his next stint in the clink.

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