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    1. Not a “chink” dumb ass. I guess you are the reason Americans have the stereotype of being complete fat ass dumb fucks. You people know jack shit about nothing.

    2. Actually, this is in a suburb of Seoul, Korea. So, if you’re holding him to the strict definition of “chink” as a Chinaman, then yes, he’s not a “chink”, but anyone who uses that word doesn’t distinguish between Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc., and uses it as a derogatory term for anyone who looks like that. So, in other words, don’t waste your time with this guy.

    1. Hey dan, you’re an idiot. He isn’t Japanese ,moron. If it were a Japanese car then the drivers controls would be on the right side of the car ,shithead. He is Korean. And according to the GPS coordinates, he appears to be at the Osan Airport in South Korea.

    2. You’re right. I had already looked at China, Japan, and Korea and picked Japan for some stupid reason. I mean he’s sitting where we would sit after all.

  1. Asian driving level is over 9000

    And he is too stupid to take his foot off the throttle even after he has already destroyed the car.
    And he looks like Jack Soo from Barney Miller.

  2. I dont think he even had his foot on the pedal. It looked like his legs were outside of the car at the time. Maybe it was a disability car that is driven by button or the electronic accelerator was faulty as as soon as he put it in drive it flew off.

  3. It does look like he knocks the car into gear with his hand as he sits down. With that said, a friend of mine who has a prosthetic leg had this same thing happen at the airport due to the special pedal configuration that he has in his truck. The airport valet got in, thought he was hitting the brake and mashed the gas. He hit 3 cars and a wall before he could get stopped.

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