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  1. This chick has two brains. Both located in her chest. But seriously, people like this should not be allowed to use technology.


  3. this bitch is stupid i wanna punch her in her fake face… she aint that good looking anyway the only thing is her fake boobs and that aint even to nice….

  4. I think SHE doesn’t have a brain, yes, dogs can’t talk BUT, they can bark, and if they didn’t have brains.. they would be dead because, you can’t without the brain, it’s not normal and it is totally impossible. And I also think she should stop showing her breast’s to the world.. nobody wants to see her cleavage. Nuff said! 😀

    1. Rainbowlicious : ”if they didn’t have brains.. they would be dead because, you can’t without the brain, it’s not normal and it is totally impossible”

      You kinda forget that plants and trees don’t have brains but they still are alive. Dem americans…

  5. Brains don’t only control speech. A dog couldn’t walk on command without a brain. A dog attacking someone doesn’t mean they aren’t necessarily ‘God’s creatures’, if you believe in that. People attack people all the time. Are they still ‘God’s creatures’?

    1. Now imagine how much easier would it be if this person was not influenced by irrational notions like god.

    2. Yes of course Spokk, because believing in the extreme-most opposite, that is the devout belief that there is no God is so much smarter. Stupid has 2 sides. Btw – she’s not Christian nor is she this stupid. She, like someone else here stated, is a marketing slickster. She knows this will get hits and attention, and therefore, money. The whole thing is purposely done. Of course an idiot like you wouldn’t catch that.

    3. You are a retarded liar, aren’t you? I have never said “I believe god doesn’t exist”, because that is a stupid statement indeed. My opinions are not based on belief in dogma. In fact, they are not based on belief at all. It is crystal clear you can’t understand it because of your indoctrination from childhood. Anyway, here it comes. Read carefully:

      Supernatural shenanigans are completely irrelevant to reality, and will remain so, until the opposite will be correctly proven.

      If this sort of sceptical approach is extreme for you, I have no idea who could cure your psychosis.

  6. In a way I think she is asking about theory of mind, not if a canine cranium actually contains grey matter. Awesome cleavage.

  7. Typical american, fake tits, fake, eyelashes, fake tan on and on and on. This is why your retarded government is shut down right now because your a country full of complete morons. North Korea is better then MMMMUUUURRRRIIIICCCCAAA

  8. Don’t pick on this girl. We all know you can’t shave c**k into a girl’s college degree.

    Nor can you motorboat a brain.

  9. This is what happens when you send your child to a public school. Dear God!! So, if, YOU have, like a brain, but you don’t, like know that OTHER creatures, like have a brain, like, then, like how do we , like know, if you, like have a brain, like, you know? Welcome to Common Core Amerika!!! This is what your children will turn into!!! Babbling Idiots!! By the way, dogs DO have brains…unlike you!

  10. Do dogs have brains? I guess a better question to ask sweetie. Is do YOU have a brain. We all ask stupid questions which the answer is only obvious. But you honey take the cake when it comes to being stupid. Of course dogs have brains, just like ours tells us to move, breath eat and so on. Their brains do the same, however as you so intelligently(not) put “they don’t talk”. Perhaps you should follow suite and just stop talking. Your IQ (small as it already is) just drops even more with every word you say. Just stop, please. I guess the question to ask, is….do you have a brain? Ponder that one sweetie.

  11. Even if they didn’t they would still have more than what you have going on in that black hole of yours. Ugh, what a fucking idiot.

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