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    1. Well, that’s actually the most CLASSIC “girl problem” there is… I also think that a cover of Slayer’s “Raining Blood” sung by a 12-year-old girl would be snazzy…

  1. Oh, another fabulous release by ARK Music Factory, the people who brought us sweet sweet Rebecca Black and “Friday” as well as that dreadful dreadful Thanksgiving song (If you don’t know it yet, just look it up. I think it was simply called “It’s Thanksgiving” – hard to say whether it’s actually worse than this… I’d say it’s cheesier while this one is simply stupid…)

    1. Oh and While “Friday” had 13-year-olds driving convertibles, this video has a 12-year-old who obviously doesn’t know how to operate a cash register and who’s made up like a whore behind the counter in a chinese restaurant… this is FAR creepier since it’s not THAT far from reality…

  2. Monty Python already did “I Like Chinese” and it was infinitely funnier than this fluff. I fart in your general direction Alison Gold.

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