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  1. And their you have this product of the public school system that can’t tell the difference between a god damn joint and a cigarette. What a fucking window licker.

    1. And “their” you have a fool writing about the public school system. Hello “mikey”!
      Home schooling much?

  2. Well, if you’re not a smoker and you jump in and start smoking dad’s “cigs”, it will definitely give you a buzz, same with chew, but nothing that Snoop Dogg would acknowledge.

    1. My mother and father smoked like chimneys, so my first cigarette didn’t have much any buzz I remember. Fortunately I quit after a few years.

  3. If I was this girl’s father, I would snatch that damn cigarette out of her mouth and beat the hell out of her. It’s kids like this that grow up to be REAL herion addicts.. Pathetic ass kid trying to look “cool”

  4. Wow. As a former user of heroin and current user of CIGARETTES I feel I must tell this very naive child a few things: heroin is NOT something to fuck around with let alone compare to. Maybe this bitch should walk around a detox clinic for an hour so she fucking gets the picture. All I have to say about her “joint” is way to go you failed spectacularly whilst making yourself into a giant jackass. Congratulations. Fucking Bieber fan.

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