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  1. Well it looks lie the mother is just as stupid as the other 30 year olds. The correct selling would be “they’re”. Who is this proud mother? Gotta be a depressed dad somewhere with 2 stupid women around.

  2. Her epic fail was sending her child to school with 30 year olds. That kid may serve them a dish of vish in the classroom, out in the play ground they are going to beat 10 shades of shit out of her. Nice going super-mum, your kid is probley going to wind up in rehab, selling tricks, or worse,becoming a republican.

    1. Just reassure me, you’re joking, right ? You don’t really think that she’s with 30 yo people in her class ?

  3. If your mom is in second grade and 30 years old, wouldn’t that make her legally special ed? I am not trying to offend anybody but that is my opinion

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