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  1. He doesn’t even look like Beiber one bit What a waste of money. He didn’t even get the haircut right. Hahahaha. What a dumb ass grown man. Beiber is for pre teen girls you fucking fruit loop. Looks nothing like Beiber. What a dumb ass

    1. You may have discovered his true reasoning for the surgery. It may not be for Beiber but to get access to his pre-teen fans. Everyone is on to the ice cream truck trick after all.

  2. He’ll be glad he did that when when he’s 70 and his entire body has gone to shit and his face still looks like a 16 year old gay Joker.

  3. This guy should follow my steps.
    Step 1: Eat your face.
    Step 2: Take a shit after a few hours.
    Step 3: Look at the shit you took and you’d see no difference.
    Step 4: Buy a fake mustache and move to Japan. Why? Why not?

  4. That’s an awful lot of money to blow to look like a faggot, complete with rice bowl haircut and cock sucking lips just like that queer he’s trying to emulate.
    All he has to do now is blow 6,000 dudes and the transformation will be complete.

  5. Well, you look like some thing Justin Bieber would have sex with, that is probably as close you will ever get to being him.

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