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    1. And flea-borne bubonic plague from the rat with a bushy tail. We had a nest of these rodents in our attic many years ago. Warfarin got rid of them.

  1. i know this girl shes looks like a rat and is a lying thief slut who stole my gfs clothes and jewellery she will suck any cock for her next high

  2. Hey haters,
    It was HER choice to get the food in her mouth. She may get a disease, but the POINT OF THIS PICTURE is to show that even wild animals can be KIND!!! Something most ppl on here do not know.

  3. WOW , this girl terri ann is such a skank , she must have so many drds now ,used to work with her doing couples show untill she got caught stealing from client, she probally working surrey alleys now

  4. This girl loves nuts in her mouth you can also find her on exgfsdotcom making porn or around town sleeping around and breaking up marriages .

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