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    1. You sucked his cock for m&m’s too huh?
      Did you have a 3 way with him and his pet chimp bubbles? You know bubbles was relieved when jackson died. He knew he would never get raped again.

  1. I want to know this: Who even took this pic instead of trying to tell the dad he should PROBABLY get his kid away from those crocodiles. Whoever stood there and took a picture instead of helping is a big BLEEP

    1. It was the mother of the baby who took the pic. She is so proud of her fucker that she even doesn’t care about her offspring. probably she is like “ooh, that is my macho and he is teaching some brave good stuff to our son, oh I am so proud of them”. Of course all these happens only in our libtardnation with libtard citizens.

  2. Their was a lady who did that at the zoo 45 min from my house and her baby fell in and got eaten by wild dogs and then she sued the zoo after the fact that 3 employes told her that she shouldn’t do that and she said it wasn’t their problem and now since the death of the baby they had to kill the wild dogs and everyone thinks she’s retarded

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