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  1. How about get a job and not waste your time on-line, more than likely you have a computer or I-phone that is way better than what I have, and I have a job with the government!

  2. She is stupid, right? Why don’t she just got a job? 1,170$ to 1,106$ in food stamps is only 64$ difference. Yeah, She is stupid!

  3. I think she should work on getting a job and not more kids that might help. Also if she put as much time into Job searching as she does on FACEBOOK then she would have a good job and wouldn’t need all the hand out from the government!!

  4. OMG. i would not know what to do with that much food. that’s almost as much as i make in a month, but i’m not eligible for anything. our government is awesome -_-

  5. How the fuck is she getting that much money and still bitching? I could feed four kids, and myself, on that for two months. FUCK!!

  6. The government borrows over 40 cents for every dollar, and she is complaining about food stamps? Hate to hear her when the whole system goes down!

  7. Lazy bitch.. and Illiterate also. It’s assistance not assistants. Maybe if she received her GED she might be able to find a job to help support her 3 kids. I also like how she blames Obama for her problems. Some people don’t take responsibility for themselves. Lazy BITCH

  8. Still more legitimate than catching a fake fainting pregnant woman with diabeetus…or drumming up a healthcare for all americans that is paid out of pocket rather than tax-based even though ya just borrowed another trillion. Hell, this girl could have been O posting under his alt. This illiterate Indiana Welfare Queen is another product of the Obama Administration’s lack stance on education. I am sure she uses the money to buy carrots and broccoli-aka cheetos and a pickle. God save us all lol.

  9. WOW! O.K. Where to start.
    First off, this dumb bitch should have finished school. She obviously has no skills. She can’t spell or punctuate properly.
    Secondly, had she stayed in school instead of pumping out a huge litter of kids, she would know it isn’t government’s responsibility to take care of her kids.
    Stupidity breeds stupidity. The best thing that could happen to this cunts family is they starve to death and save humanity from generations of fucking losers sucking on the government tit.

  10. I saw this on Facebook. This is a Tea Party troll. I am on food stamps. As a single person I make $200, soon to be $184 because of the “sequester”. That woman is a liar (and cannot spell). To make that much she would have to have 25 kids!

    1. You fucking jackoff democrat cocksucker. Why is it all you obama voters all blame all of his shortcomings on republicans and more the Tea Party now that that’s the popular libtard thing to do?
      And you’re 100% wrong about how the system works.
      Here’s how it works dumbass:
      Food stamps per month on average (one child) $475.00
      Free rent or rent assistance (average) $600.00
      Utilities assistance to include phone (land line) $225.00
      Free daycare (to be used while “job hunting”) $400.00
      $1700.00 per month TAX FREE/ $20,400 a year for free. Why would they want to become a contributing member to society?

    2. Because the Treasonous Extortionist Anarchist party members is what is wrong with this country. Back when you called yourselves republicans YOU voted in Bush who started illegal wars, cut taxes on the rich causing a budget deficit, and crashed our economy with your bankrupt conservative policies. Now angry that your president isn’t white you’re blocking any attempt to fix YOUR mess. Your POS are traitors and terrorist the whole lot of you tea bag wearing nut jobs.

    3. Yeah,yeah,yeah, douchebag. We get it. you take your talking points from the progressive liberal media, especially that left wingnut Alan Grayson. We get it.
      And ” Treasonous Extortionist Anarchist party members”???? Really douchebag? Since when does standing behind the founding principles of this country make them that? Since your true “treasonous” party said so, that’s when. Your president has broken more laws, committed more fraud, lied and been the center of more scandals than anybody else in the history of that office. And nobody wants to touch any of that shit for fear of being labeled a racist. When in fact, that cocksucker has caused more racial divide in this country that ever before. He put us back 100 years in regards to race. He has truly committed treason more times than i care to count.
      So, it really doesn’t surprise me when a complete retard like yourself tries to flip it onto the true Americans of this country.
      So, you can go fuck off and crawl into a crevice someplace and die asshole.

    4. Sure, and you get yours from Fox (so-called) News and conservative media, especially that right wingnut Bill Whittle. Yes, I can play the discredit your sources game too.

      You morons earned every word of “Treasonous Extortionist Anarchist party”. You’re treasonous because you sat by and watched Bush use 9/11 to stripe rights, grow government, and run up the debt and deficit with no complaints. Yet you formed your little group and raged that the government is out of control two whole months after republicans were voted out. You’re extortionists because your teaocon politicians have taken this nation’s economy hostage in order to extort demands from the government (with plans to do it again). Your anarchists because you delight in every failure that happens to this country. Teaocon king Ted Cruz is still ranting that moderate republicans wouldn’t let him push this country into default.
      “Since when does standing behind the founding principles of this country make them that?” Ha, as if the tea party has ever stood for anything but corporate interests. Where has the teabillies been on the patriot act, NSA, NDAA, TSA pat downs, HLS (extremely similar to what the Nazis did in germany), etc. you know, ACTUAL VILATIONS OF THE CONSTITUTION! Not one tea party rally for any of this. Yet threaten the 1%’s profits like with cap and trade, ACA, taxing the rich, etc. and the teabillies are out in force protesting. Take that “we’re constitutionists” BS to someone that will believe it. Actions speak louder than words, and the tea party don’t fight for the constitution.

      You say Obama broke laws, fair enough. Once Bush and Cheney are brought up on war crime charges we’ll get right on that.

      You can put the race card away, I’ve sat here and watched you, Rob and the other teabillies here post all kinds of racist bullshit anytime a minority Fail is put up. You ARE racists and it’s getting harder to find a republican that isn’t crazy, bigoted, a moron, or all of the above.

    5. You may want to look up the definition of treason you fucking moron. Because your entire rambling post makes zero sense.
      It’s progressive liberals like yourself that are the problem with this country. As soon as the shit hits the fan, you fuckers are going to be the first ones to get killed off. All the right wingers blame all you faggots for the problems this country is undergoing; so good luck to you when the system crashes around you.

    6. You know, if I didn’t spend the past few months yelling at right wing troll after right wing troll I would actually have been surprised you didn’t know much yet alone what a political epithet was. No matter, marveling on the stupidity of teabillies will gain me nothing. Remembering that you psychos won’t be happy till this country is on fire just for a chance to impeach Obama, that’s what is important. If there was any justice in this world Cruz and the rest of his cronies would have been brought up on sedition charges.

    7. Great job, you’ve proven every bit the moron teabilly I was hoping for. But it seems you’ve run out of letters in your alphabet soup. To bad I have to wait till the next minority fail post before that inbreeder Rob shows up.

    8. Well, you have successfully proven why i never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  11. The post I made about the the foodstamps this for the people who want to make rude and smart ass comments on it for one their is other people on my foodstamp case not just me and my kids and just FYI for one u don’t know me for two u don’t know what my monthly income is or how much my rent and bills are every month so don’t judge me unless u know the facts and for those of u who don’t receive foodstamps that is not my fault and that not something I can help that’s something y’all are going to have to take up with the government about not me but I’m glad my post was important u have a nice day<<<< This is what she wrote on facebook people are so easy to find.

    1. Most decent folks don’t care why you’re on snap as long as you get the help you need to get back on your feet. But some here feel mandated to fight against anything that looks like a “handout” by Grand Wizard Reagan.

  12. Im sorry but nobody should get anywhere near 1100 in foodstamps because they got 10 kids and no job fck that close your legs and go to school andlearn something dumb cnt

  13. Saw your post about your food stamps going down. I do not feel sorry for you in the least. Look at your job history. You are unable to keep a job for a significant amount of time. Why? I don’t know. I’m guessing you’re like most other people I’ve encountered on government assistance (read, my tax money going to your bank account) and have some sense that the world owes you a living and you probably have a big mouth that gets you in trouble OR, you’re just a quitter and it’s easier for my tax dollars to feed your family than it is for you to work for a living. Well, it doesn’t. You owe society to be a productive member and depend on yourself to support yourself. I do. I have for the past 25 years. I’ve been at the same company for nearly 15 years.
    It’s unbelievable that you have the gall to bitch about your food stamp allotment going down less than 1% when my wife, who speaks 4 times as many languages as you, can’t find a job.
    You take your $1106 a month and every time you buy food, you remember who gave you that money. Obama did. And remember also who he got the money from, ME. I’m feeding your family, not Obama. TAXPAYERS fund all the entitlement programs, not Obama.

  14. Why the hell does everything have to turn in to a fight. Comment on the photo or SHUT THE FUCK UP! No one gives a shit about what you think you know.

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