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    1. men stop use that hot sauce it must have burn something i ur head fucking shit i hope for you that was an acid trip…

  1. Technically, in order to fail I think you first need to have a goal. I don’t think this clown’s ever had one in his entire life.

  2. Listening to the camera guy laughing at the end I can’t believe that this is anything other than someone intentionally trying to look like an idiot. No way that guy is for real. Not that some people aren’t that ridiculous, but this guy is just clowning.

    1. To all the haters, go cry, its okay to cry. Riff Raff has more hot chicks, models, then every hater on here combined. Keep doing you Riff Raff!

    1. His name is Riff Raff hes a failed rapper. I think anyone that watched this knows its an act. He’s trying to make a name for his non existent career anyway he can. thanks for stating that captain obvious.

    2. I sure did capt stickinyourass. I think there all spot on. I’m sure they all know its an act and just poking fun at it.

    3. I’m positive you’re wrong, you’ve obviously got your head shoved pretty far up your arse and give people WAY too much credit.

  3. an act, meth or crack, what ever, my question. ” WHAT IN THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?????!!!! seriuosly. go grab a shovel dig a hole and lay down in it and ask some one to bury you. or just wait for a bus to hit you .

  4. Another DAN using language he doesn’t understand.
    “I’d like to grant custody that if you’re holding hot sauce or any kind of seasonings…”
    What a fucking Class A citizen right there. Must be one of Obamas’ sons

    1. He is just clowning and joking around. He knows haters like you give him free publicity. He makes more $$$ then all of you (not more then me though). It is a new world order haters. Crying critics to the bottom (where you have been), doers who don’t care about WHAT YOU HATERS THINK to the TOP. DO something, or shut the F’up.

    2. Nope, I’m not hard, I am just a business man, and a super intelligent once at that. Might as well call me KING. You are obviously an ill wanabee. Just dont harm any children, Okay. I am on another level, scrub. Sauna and Gabbana. But I know Ganstas, killas that dont give a Fraz. I’m respected, are you?

  5. Riff Raff is a genius. He’s a lot smarter then you think, haters. Cool clowning on you haters. To all you all around WEAK people out there in the world.. close your eyes and look inward, what do you see? I bet its UGLY.

  6. I am so proud to be a “hater” because this ass clown deserves to be tossed back into his momas whomb….Fuckin lame wannabe fucktard …And FO Rex….your just another follower….god dam sheeple…

    1. Correct, I speak freely. I am a leader, one day a light will be shed on your existence asking you to not hate at all. Maybe in this lifetime, maybe in another, but who knows maybe not at all. You seem like a brainwashed hillbilly that had a sheep as a girlfriend. No matter the road that I am on is one you cannot ever fathom. Check out: Dolce and Gabbana by Riff Raff then go crawl in a corner, remove the anal probe, then just let it out. We can tell your soul just needs a good cry, buddy. It’s really okay. And I repeat, close your eyes and look inward, what do you see? I bet its lame as F. No wonder you are sad.

    2. OMG meth and shit tatt’s. Wow Rex that was like so deep…. I think I read what you posted in a book somewhere, or did you make that pig swill up on your own?
      Anyone can be a leader when they’re the only one in the procession.
      When I close my eyes and look inward I see… blackness, like pretty much everyone else. If you need to close your eyes to look inward you’re a mental retard.
      Of course I could never ‘fathom’ the road your on, because a fathom is a measure of depth and not distance, but I suspect you’re saying we could never plumb the depths of the journey only your soul has the righteous power to embark upon.

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