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  1. Awww Gibson thinks it was a fake . Similar to his mother who was also a fake , she was actually a $5 hooker that got knocked up by some infected Muslim scumbag . Hey Gibson did the whore you called mommy make you watch as she sucked dirty dick then shot heroin into her arm . . . All you need is a hug and you will beall better.

  2. yeah its in bad taste but hey always try to find the funnys in life at least its original. In the UK i dont think people would be that bother like if someone wrn a 7/7 costume. My friend last year dressed up as Harold Shipman and i thought that was funny.

  3. I infinitely prefer to have seen this girl in this COSTUME which is offensive yes, rather than seeing all these people react and sending her parents death threats. Humans are fuckin disgusting beings for being so violent over a fuckin Halloween costume of all things.

  4. I googled her, someone hacked and put nude pics of her on the net SHE HAS AWESOME TITS AND BODY! I jerked off to her 7 or 8 times. If it wasnt for this picture, I would have never known!

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