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    1. these stupid bitches need to be shot in the head..yea real fucking about if your friend died in tower one..wuld you think its funny then

  1. This was funny…come on america, you sponsered terrorism for years and laughed…IRA? Does that ring bell, all the dead from their murdering? Oh I forgot, that’s okay as no americanwhere killed. HYPOCRITES. 🙂

    1. Ok I used to think Brits were pretty cool people until I read some of the posts here. It would seem now that a good amount of you have turned into a bunch of little ass beads. Well down youth of Britain.-_-)

  2. Funny, maybe next year I’ll go as the typical foul smelling Brit with nits and no teeth. China makes toaster ovens while and the US makes super computers, and high tech weapons which in turn you buy from us. Remember that the next time you have a prime minister drag us into war to save your ass.

    1. I’m pretty sure the USA doesn’t need someone like you sticking up for it, it’s probably fucking embarassed about how dumb you are.

    2. Better still…go as a fat arsed, stinking, retard of a redneck…oh you have already…sorry , did you join WW2 after the japs whooped your ass…dumb motherfucker, a bit late as well…yawn, who owns your debt…..give you a guess, rhymes with hynies, like your butt they own…arrogant piece of shit…what do you do…benefits, thought so. Goodnight turdface.

  3. Anyone that thinks 9-11 was a success. Is sick in the head
    SMH not my fault you live in a shit country and can’t handle the fact we can and do live in luxury. Go back to your. Cave you non hygienic MF

    1. Oooft listen to the fucking yanks on here talkingh about how they live in luxury dont mate me laught yous mostly live in cardboard boxes or fuckn ikea houses

      Am from scotland dont class myself as british am scottish but even if i did i would say british is better then any yank and as for yous living in luxury top 3 places on the planet to visit comes from the uk not america get it round youe ya fat cunts

      N they 2 girls should be set on fire if that was glasgow they would have been slashed or stabbed in seconds

  4. If it wasn’t for america the brits would be speaking german, if it wasn’t for the french the americans would still be brits and if it wasn;t for tasteless jokes the world would be boring. We should all gang up on the twat who doesn’t want to breast feed her boy baby.

    1. I do not obejct you comment’s meaning, but it is factually wrong. The reason Germans did not invade Britain is that Hitler did a very stupid move with invading USSR. USA’s role in Europe was virtually none until ’44, and very little (mainly diversion) afterwards. Useful, but not that significant.

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