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    1. Indeed! This one also has the added bonus of extreme “d’aawwww”-iness – so all in all this Fail’s a winner (while not being a ‘win’, of course)

    2. Well, on the other hand my vote is still with the cringe-worthy video I could never locate again: Stunt motorcycle misses practice bin full of foam and the guy faceplants a steel backhoe cab at 30-40 feet per second. I imagine they are still trying to extract his back molars from that machine.

    3. It seems we think alike, good Sir! – Basically there are three types of Fails I really like: The short and simple ones that start at just the right point and end at just the right point – this one, then there are those which may also contain blood and definitely a world of hurt – just like the one you mentioned (hmmm, don’t think I’ve ever seen that one) – that type, however, is only fun if it has a… well, “Darwin Awards” kind of thing to it, you know, not only pain but pain as a nice payoff. And third, I’d say, there are those which just have a really long build-up and come to a sudden end when something completely unexpected happens – not unlike the second type, those can be really brutal but they don’t have to and it’s also not the stupidity of an individual (or a group) that’s amusing but just the very unlikeliness of some bizarre event.

    4. Your last item was funny because I was going to mention before finishing reading it the guy who’s free-running jumping roof to roof and lands on one and goes right through it. Disappears. Gone. No crash, no guy, nothing. You’re like “Where’s the closure? Hey!!…Hey?”

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