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  1. So the little kid wasn’t all that bad just needed to find a different beat and a haircut…the tall kid wtf is he british jamican or something…and then their douche of friends smoking the same cigarette

  2. Ah yes, that wonderful and enlightening, soul lifting “music” invented by tree groids and forced down the throats of once normal children through parasitic media. How nice to see it spreading like the cancer it is, infecting little kids. Liberals, gaze upon your handiwork and contribution to mankind’s path toward utter intellectual destruction.

    1. What did you expect? OF COURSE he’s still an idiot!
      He’s a troll, but with much more sacrifice (aka needs) than most of us.
      A better Troll will scare him away. It happened before, it’ll happen again…

  3. So painful to watch and the tall weirdo who thinks he’s some sort of swag emitting gangster is just the worst. how old is he like 18-20 hanging around with 12 year olds, a pedo i would say but damn.

    How bad can he feel knowing everyone he knows has probably seen this and felt the pain i just endured.

    Now i remember why i want out of the UK

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