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    1. Ah, okay.
      I beg your pardon, but I hope you understand that heterosexual man would prefer vaginal intercourse in that case.
      But each their own, I’m not judging you. Anal is your thing, go on!

    2. You misunderstand, “fat blues brother”.
      It’s not a gay thing, it’s a control thing. Most women won’t let you in the back door normally; unless drunk in most cases.
      And her not expecting it makes it all the more sweet. I’ll come over later and do some ass to mouth on your chick to show you how it’s done.

    3. Ah, now I get it. You need to control women. Obviously you must be afraid of them to feel that need.
      Some people would say that’s typical for in-the-closet-homos.
      Yours truly, the Fat Blues Brother

  1. Bag a husband, have kids and live happily ever-after fail. This is one of the side effects of liberal mentality. “But wwwwwwwhy can’t i find good man,” they ask themselves. Because honey, drunk whores are like cheap gum. Once you lose that new cherry taste all we want is to find a gutter in which to leave you for some other poor schmuck to sweep up. Thanks for the pussy though. Vote Obama bitches!

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