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  1. oh, but obviously you don’t understand art if you think this is a fail……

    why are people clapping? why is no one booing?

  2. That my friends is what broke up the Beatles…She must have made those sounds in the sack, she must have been a animal…she must have…there is no other explanation…she…omg…this destroyed the beatles….:(

  3. Search “Yoko” at the top of the page, EF already posted this back in Dec of 2012. You know their shit is getting desperate when they decide to post this train wreck a second time.

    1. while it is indeed a repost, at least this time they’re not trying to make us believe that this was a cover of Katy Perry’s “Fireworks”. I think I even posted this video (without the “Fireworks” piano dubbed over it) somewhere in the comments section back then

  4. This cunt has been destroying everything good for more than 4 decades. This clip is old yet still stands as a poster moment for euthanasia.

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