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  1. This sow niggapotomus must be desperate. Surely it would have no problems getting muhdikd from some HIV having groid for free. Filthy beasts.

    1. To Dan
      Sold…… Please Cum over and stick your Dick in……….

      Love, Precious Smith

      PS. $50.00 more if you lick me….. : )

    2. To 2lol I said my dick knows no shame, however my tongue does. You would have to add several zeros onto that to get my face down there. Plus supply a nose plug.

  2. It’s rasputia from Norbit.

    I wouldn’t hit that with dan’s dick and Mcguillacutty pushing.

    Fat, nasty, pork rind eating, chittlin munching, fried chicken nibbling, watermelon slurping fucking dirty nig.ger.

    Stevie wonder could tell that heifer was over 450 pounds just by echo location. It would be like bouncing sound waves off a god damn semi truck.

  3. I bet none of y’all coward ass racist motherfuckers would say this to anyone’s face. Bunch of cyber punk ass bitches. Please don’t reply. It just reinforces your bitchassness. Deep down you know I’m right.

    1. Hey Kris,
      What’s the difference between dog shit and nig.gers?
      When dog shit gets old it turns White and quits stinking.

    2. Please don’t reply because that will make me cry* There fixed it for you.

      Cyberpunk is an actual sci-fi genre so do try to put some effort the next time.

      “muh racism u coward racists” Yeah yeah, maybe CNN will give you your 5 minutes of fame if you keep whining that way, pitiful ni gger..

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