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    1. You’re a complete fucking idiot, and the fact that you get your stats from Wikipedia of all places proves it. Jackass. London is on the official top 10 in the world for intentional murders, with chicago topping the list at #1. There’s also Moscow, Sydney, New York, Paris and Toronto, all of which — drum roll please — have the strictest anti-gun laws. Try reading fucknut. “I really don’t get the pro gun argument.” That is because your head is too far wedged up our ass, idiot. Watch the video again, this time slower. Try comprehending the facts laid at your feet like a nicely wrapped gift so you don’t even have to turn the “on” switch that has long been out of order in your head. Look, they even made it dummy proof with cameras and interviews and such! No wonder the UK has gone down the shitter so fast. It has gems like you and your ilk living in it.

      Fucking moron. (legal) Guns save lives! Shit-for-brains.

    2. it really depends with wich country you compare with..for expl Brazil ( guns are illegal here)! altough i also am against legalizing guns ..that homeinvader guy makes sense and most criminals would agree with him!

    3. Rob Nunya, you’re a fucking idiot. Look at all the laces where gun control works rather than the places it falls short. I know Americans fallow failure with desperate pride but give your head a shake. Your country is by and large, too fucking ignorant to see that more people die (per day) due to gun shots than Arabic nations lose people to suicide bombings. Yet, the fifth amendment is all about your freedoms while every day the right to bear arms steals the pure freedom of life from innocent civilians. To top it off, your countries solution to gun problems is to have more armed idiots. Good luck in your third world, debt saturated, racist nation.

    4. “Nick Buckles, chief executive of Group 4 Securicor, attributed the rising level of attacks to the fact that his staff are not allowed to carry guns, leaving them vulnerable to armed raiders.”

      –Daily Mail, 2007.

      How have things improved in Britain since 2007, RobotNinja? I don’t see how the logic behind his statement could change, at any rate.

    5. of course some of what he is saying is true but that home invasion guy is total propaganda bullshit. anyone with cognitive abilities can know bullshit when they hear it. fucking rights i would have a gun on hand or stashed away if i needed it. i would gladly never touch it but too many selfish evil scum bags out there to pretend you never will. mind you im in canada, only guns i have are for hunting birds. like the name says come into my house to hurt me or my family you will probably be leaving in pieces. i respect others lives so i expect the same. if not….

    6. You probably come from a country where guns have always been illegal. They have been legal in the states since the start. Making them illegal now will only take them away from innocent law abiding citizens, leaving the criminals with a massive advantage.

    7. @Rob Nunya => You are a fucking idiot

      1. London is a city, it does not represent all of UK. By the way; Moscow, Sydney, New York, Paris and Toronto are also cities.
      2. London is filled with illegal guns and gangs. So is every big city in the all of the world. The number represent the countries average.
      3. Getting a gun into New York is not a problem since it can easily be transported from anywhere else in the US into New York.
      4. There is no problem using wikipedia as a source of information. Just take a look at the references below you can get the same facts.
      5. Calling other people for jackass and idiot for no reason proves that you are a lowlife asshole deepshit idiot. STFU!

    8. Please ignore epicfail’s own epicfail Nunya. These mindless bigot trolls just lose their shit if you so much as mention gun control. They just got to be ready if a brown person happens to wonder too close to their neighborhood or if non-republican governments are in power too long.

  1. Even if you made guns illlegal criminals are still going to find ways to get them. Look at weed, its illegal and it’s one of the easiest drugs to get on the street, almost everyone knows that one person that can get it, it will be the same thing with guns. Listen to that ‘Professional’ home invasion dude, he even said he doesn’t care if the home owner has a gun, he will still do it anyways so I’d rather have a damn gun while I sit at the front door & let his dumb ass break in so I can end him then all guns being banned & letting him break in while I hide in a fucking closet while he ‘rapes’ my mother or some stupid shit. We need a way to fight back from those waste of life. I’m pretty sure anyone would agree that you wouldn’t want that guy in your house. Everyone should have a gun in their home to PROTECT their family from idiots like that guy that they interviewed.

    1. Hahahahahaha! That’s the most ignorant thing to say. Do just a little research on the topic. The scoreboard is the % of people killed due to domestic gun use. Look no further. They are PLENTIFUL.

    2. do you guys really think the “bad” guys will give up their guns? no. In the end it will be bad guys with guns vs. law abiding citizens without guns. A gun vs. a gun is much better than a crazy guy with a gun vs a mom with 3 kids and a stick.

  2. Double checking my problem-solver before bed… The same month I bought my gun, someone opened a window in the back of my house, which set the alarm off. I was only worried during the two seconds it took to reach for the 9mm Baby Eagle.

  3. What in Sam HELL is wrong with you Admins and Mods? WHERE THE HELL IS THE FUCKING WIN BUTTON?
    Do you really think that people protecting themselves is a fucking FAIL?
    If so ,please post your names and addresses on the front page so the criminals know where to go and then maybe they will leave the rest of us alone. You people make me sick. I fought and almost died for these freedoms and you have the gall to label them a FAIL.
    You people FAIL.

    1. @Nuckelhedd, I believe the title was inferring that the armed robbers failed and, thank you for your service.

  4. The jealous America haters spoken! They are mad because as a civilian they can not revolt against the tyrants controlling them armed with their pocket knives.

  5. You foreign idiots are real smooth talking the shit you do about america. If it were not for us you would still be living with nutt sacks like hitler acting like a bunch of scared little bitches. Funny thing is most of the illegal firearms that come here to america are sold to criminals by fucking foreign trash. On the topic of who kills more who gives a shit the point is every person should be allowed to protect themselves with a gun if they want to. Making them illegal does nothing what so ever criminals still get them and use them regardless. Funny how you bunch of pussies on here run your mouths the way you do. I am willing to put money down that you have never had someone rob you at gun point. To top it off your militaries and police are some of the dirtiest in the world raping and killing its own citizens.

    1. Russia beat the Germans, not the US… And no, I’ve never been robbed at gunpoint (you’re not helping your point by bringing that up) and our military doesn’t rape anyone.

  6. Well, Parsti that’s actually pretty much normal…if u live in Europe. ‘Murica beeing so poor and ignorant can only deal with this problem this way. And FAT let’s not forget fat, ‘murica is also fat. do you hear me muricans? u fat, ignorant, poor, ugly, fucks!

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