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  1. Yeah, that’s about the level of intellect most Fast & Furious fans have.

    RIP idiot… And thanks for not killing any innocent bystanders while being a complete jerk off.

    1. Scaz, I will have to inform you that he was infact NOT the driver, so your comment is just plain ironic. Due to the fact that your the one with low level of intelligence.

      Best regards – your mom’s new lover.

  2. That is not the point.Even if he was driving you stupid man,young man lost his life.How is it possible that after your comment you simply consider yourself homosapiens?

  3. Uh, now who IS the guy in the picture – that Paul Walker guy looked different (never been a fan of the F&F series though). Sure I’ve seen him in some schlock movie before… most definitely one of those movies I’d never admit to watching…

    1. Oh, Zac Efron… wasn’t he in that stupid movie with Nicole Kidman and John Cusack? – Or maybe it wasn’t stupid but it wasn’t memorable either, otherwise I would remember the name…

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