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    1. @spokk
      yes,…guns are the reason why people kill each other,…thank god no murders in uk, germany and all the other countrys where weapons are prohibited for civilians…stupid sheeple

    2. I could kill people with my fists no problem. Give them a gun and they might have a chance of stopping me.

    3. No, it’s not that guns kill people (which no one said in the first place), it’s just that they make it so easy for idiots to kill people. Try pulling off a mass murder with a knife or your fists and see how far you get.

    4. you could just drive a truck into a parade or something similar where a lot of people are crowded and stupid sheeple like you would scream to prohibit trucks,…

    5. Throughout all civilized countries in the world, there is very strong positive correlation between amount of guns amongst population and gun related crime rates and accidents. Situation in USA is absurd and obscene – decades behind a positive social trend, as usual.

    6. mk, have clumsy fallacies and straw men and talking like a really angry 12 year old helped you win a lot of internet arguments in the past?

  1. Richerd, Are you stupid? Imagine a coutry with out a single one, a retard with a chainsaw, machete, axe, etc is killing people, how the fuck are you going to stop him? Of maybe he gets into your house and start killing your family, how are you going to stop him? Are you going to be the bad ass behind a computer. Weapons don’t kill people, people do. USA needs to start making mental exams for those who want to buy weapons. Besides there ways to make even bombs. If you want to see how weapons work and are so valuable take a look at the tyrannical governments trough history.

    1. The counter-argument—use of some bladed weapon—against controls, is hampered by an unwillingness to make a complete description. Nobody wants to outline a working plan for lunatics thinking of going postal without a firearm.

    2. jesus, I’m just going to assume that you’re a troll and not genuinely as sub-literate and brain damaged as you are trying to sound. You’re welcome.

  2. Fucking retarded americans playing with guns, shes dressed like she just went to a super market to get things for dinner… stick to that skank and enjoy your sure-to-be retarded looking scar

  3. She had her eye pressed right up on the scope, and the buttstock tucked under her arm instead of braced on her shoulder. So the rim of the sight smashed her face.

  4. @Richenbaum…A knife..A guy in China not long ago stabbed 22 children with a knife. You can commit alot of murder with a knife also. Its not the weapon, its the intent.

    1. That depends on culture. In Japan, they have almost complete ban of firearms, citizens can’t even hold a gun without a permission and even ordinary policemen do not carry a gun. Their gun-realted crimerates are virtually zero.
      But sure, USA is a different story.

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