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    1. It absolutely is blatant trolling and you should be embarrassed that even Kanye West is a slightly less childishly transparent troll than you are.

    2. I hate nlggers, why would I be embarrassed? Go suck coondelas dead dick you liberal white guilt faggot!

  1. kayne west and the kardashians should be executed imho they do more wrong then good for the world with there brainwashing of the young and dumb for there own fame and money. when they die I will piss on there graves or at least try to.

  2. Kanye West, you have done nothing deemed worth of the description ‘important’. Just give your money to starving kids and shut the fuck up. I’m smarter than you, so please listen to me.

  3. ROFLMAO!!! That’s why this assclown only had 4500 people show up at a 18,000 seat arena here in Kansas City earlier this week. He is the biggest douchebag on the planet.

    1. Here, I’ll help you out:

      nytimes Com 2013 12 08 opinion sunday keller-nelson-mandela-communist.html?_r=0

  4. So we can expect Kanye to start bombing and murdering innocent people all in the name of bullshit? Look at any country with black leaders and you will find a shithole. South Africa went from prosperous to third world and completely corrupt. Same thing is happening in AMerica

  5. Dude I know. Today I went to Starbucks and they totally didn’t even have enough outlets available for me to charge my smartphone AND my ipad, so I had to drive a whole 2 blocks to another one! It’s like being back in the stone age here!

  6. I can honestly say that this nig.ger is about as worthless as tits on a bull. The world has all but lost interest in this no talent piece of shit like yesterdays morning turd.
    Nobody gives a flying fuck what this douchebag thinks, says, or dates. (speaking of that nig.ger loving fat disgusting sloppy cunt kim kardashian). Spitting out that half nig.ger/ half spunk monkey.
    Kanye gives nig.gers an even worse name by being the complete tool that he is. (If that were even possible). Too bad he hasn’t died in a fiery car wreck by now; the world would be a better place; just like it is with that south african slimball nig.ger mandela.

    1. Doesn’t it get so boring spitting out basically the same post on every single pic every single day and never having anyone fall for it?

    2. You tell me. You’re the one that can’t go 5 seconds without thinking/talking about them. Sounds like love to me.

  7. Kanye West is the black version of John Mayer
    Or is it John Mayer is the white version of Kanye West?
    Either way, they’re both douchebags

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