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  1. Not only should the police be able to ticket you for this stupidity, they should be able to put a knot on your head with their night stick. They’re just doing their job you clown.

    1. @dustoff06

      going by the philosophy of no distracted driving people would have to be pulled over for ANYTHING other than driving which would include changing a radio station so the problem is where is the line i see people going as far as reading a fully open newspaper and nothing happens yet the person talking on the phone even with a hands free device in some areas gets a ticket.

  2. I assume this is america because over here its illegal to eat whilst driving, its illegal to do anything that distracts the attention and interrupts correct driving (i.e having to let go of the wheel to eat)

  3. Your not getting a ticket for talking on the phone. You are getting a ticket for not paying attention while driving and having two hands on the wheel.

  4. Oh boy! Spending your time getting pulled over, lectured by a cop, and someday after enough times doing this finding a cop that will charge you with wasting police time, which will get you a bigger charge than the talking on the phone while driving would have. Sounds real fun.

  5. In my neck of the woods, the cops just give you the ticket anyway (even if you don’t have a cell phone on your person). They must be friendly cops in his town.

  6. So many comedians in the world. Ha ha, made the cops pull me over.

    Walked down the street with a wiener in my fly. Ha ha, cops questioned me for indecent exposure. So I whipped out the wiener and said Ha ha, I’m Anthony Weiner!! BIG chuckle on that one. Ha ha. Walked into synagogue, saluted and said I was Adolf Hitler. Ha ha, boy were they surprised Ha ha…

  7. Just search this a little further. Turns out the idiot had some un-paid parking tickets when he went out to try and annoy some police officers. Needless to say they pulled him in for that.

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