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    1. Pumping…I love it , I started pumping when I was 18 now I’m 42 , all these years pumping off and on not really following any guide lines I adopt the idea if it feels good go for it just be careful pay attention to detail and most of all use common sense .
      Pumping …..I love it I’m uncut , I’m Heterosexual (Even thou I don’t mind a Blowjob from a male once in a blue moon, Love to have my cock worshiped , Girl don’t even come close to that) non of my partners know I pump not even my Wife or any of my girl friends WHY??? Because this is something between me my self and I and secondly I never pump to look Freaky but I pump to grow and look big Naturally Its sad when I see all these abuse penises scalped because of hot water or too long of a pump session or with that Ugly doughnut or water blisters.
      Pumping… I love it I pumped while watching a movie , while driving , while sleeping while surfing the net while on IM Messenger, but the best I found is ….when and how.
      Here we go…(Never pumped my Sack and don’t care to mine is already big enough and I really don’t care for that feeling…my philosophy is I’m FUCKING with my DICK).. Don’t be rushed give your self at least 3 hours that will include warming pumping and clean up and then about 15 minutes of soft massage to get penis into normal shape .
      Choose a quiet surrounding were you are relaxed not jumpy and nerves and some what comfortable temperature a bit on the warm side. start with a lube lotion even I have used Olive Oil (it leaves your skin so Soft) massage and stretch your dick any way you like and any way it feels good …Try not to get hard too fast remember WE ARE NOT JERKING OFF pull it to the left and to the right Jelq it for a few minutes basically warm it up and stretch it real good starting with nice soft motion and building up to a stiff firm motion (Just like you would before any Sporting activities) Utilizing a warm cloth immersed in hot water will help too along with stretching. (YOU PENIS IS LIKE A RUBBER BAND the more you warm it up the better it stretches and grows with out any injuries or any bruising or any dangerous side effects)
      Make sure the base of your penis is non hairy some what and make sure you have a good Cylinder with a nice hand pump (I don’t care for a cage since that doesn’t tells how it feels) I found BOSTEN WORKS are good ones or any on the specialty pumping site, don’t buy any from your local porn stores that is real garbage I think if u paid less than $60 it’s a Novelty pump its not going to give you the results and it wont last.
      I choose my cylinder again by the comfortable fit if I pump and my sack don’t get sucked in that’s too small, If I pump and my sack get sucked in with balls that’s too big the right size I feel is when you pump and a part of your sack get sucked in but not your balls and it doesn’t hurt (because if it doesn’t hurt …you can last longer)
      Ok insert semi erect penis in the cylinder pump away until it painfully comfortable meaning you can have it on for about 10 minutes (This is not a test to see how much pain you can endure ….Don’t be stupid …pumping is about Growing not bruising and it takes time to Grow) when cylinder is secured on nicely and firmly sit back don’t hunch don’t move to much ( Sometimes I do dishes with pump on and because I think I’m standing up I get a better blood rush in the penis and therefore a quicker faster pump) Just relax and read a book surf the net ..Etc and take nice deep breaths.
      Hint. I m not crazy about water pumping because the water gets cold fast and its kind of misleading the way your dick looks big and beefy in the Cylinder but when you take the pump off back to normal so I bought a heating pad from a drug store $10 , I have the one with 3 setting I use the hottest because it doesn’t really gets that hot I wrap around the Cylinder like a glove and secure it a rubber band it works wonder and you are truly flaccid and hanging low and that’s the best time to grow (YOU PENIS IS LIKE A RUBBER BAND) and every 10 minutes you remove the pump add more lotion and massage and stretch away in different direction for about 2 minutes then back in the pump and the heating pad .Now you can do this for as long as you are not in pain and as long as you don’t see your penis getting deformed you want to see looking like you penis but bigger
      Finally I can write for ever and ever about tips and hints but these are the basics pretty much (And use Common Scenes).
      Now as far as permanent gains,,, Yes there is some in length but mostly in Girth (Which girls loves because you are rubbing the walls of the vagina where all the nerves endings are) but most of all the Elasticity of you penis will increase dramatically meaning the time it takes you to get to a certain size will be inversely proportional to the time you spend inside the pump every session
      Now I have heard about Big pump and small pump (meaning pumping hard for a short time or pumping soft for a long time) it wont hurt to try it and see what you think I like to have a long sessions of pumping and relaxing, the longest I have pumped was 3 hours but I tend to like pumping for around an hour to an hour and a half I grow enough were I can still penetrate and maintain a nice hard on. My cut off point is when my dick gets as thick as a Soda Can that’s usually my indication that mission is accomplished because pumping beyond that is kind of mean less when you cant get a decent Blowjob or penetrate because the Girth

    2. Ladies and gents, yes i am back and yes i will always be first….. i know ya’ll are happy to have me back.. i know im the dippest of them shts and yes i am inlove with baby boy zion…. no homo ofcorse…. full hetero…. love live Israel Long live Zion…. YEEEEEEEEEEEE WEEEEEEEEEEEE
      No Homo…..

    3. All that time wasted on desperate attention seeking and no one’s even going to bother reading it at that size. What a shame.

  1. OH LOOK ANOTHER FAT FUCKING AMERICAN…Dont worry the 2 pounds of bacon grease she has on her bib/shirt will take that ring off before she loses her finger!

  2. I think most of you misunderstand this; she means diabetes and looking disgusting,…that is what she said yes,…the ring obviously belongs to someone else

  3. She better say yes. It’s the one and only time she’ll ever get asked. The blind motherfucker that asked the question must be shallow Hal.
    Now lose 200 pounds.

    1. @ Richenbaum

      That’s what I get when you ask me to fix you up with Rednecks Suck…. You will never suck on my cock……!!!!!!!

  4. I’ve been a jeweller for 7 years, and sometimes people just have big fingers even if they’re skinny. So she may not be the heffer you seem to think she is… also, that’s fluid retention. ..

  5. @Dora- it won’t let me reply up your reply sooo…I’ll just do it this way….I’ve been great! How about you? Haven’t sent you on here in a while!

    1. I’ve been doing very well. Busy alot nowadays though.
      By the way: if you hit the reply button on your previous post (like the one I’m replying to) you should be able to put your comments in order like that. They’ve change this up since I was here last and I had to figure it out too.

    2. Thanks! I think I figured it out. 🙂 yeah, I just recently started getting back on here from time to time…I’m glad everything is going good! Looks like a lot of the bullshitters are gone! Lol

    3. Does Kelta still lurk about? She and I have talked alot but with me under an alias. She doesn’t recognize me under this name.

    4. Yeah, I think she stays pretty busy.
      I like Kelta. She’s a good shit talker. I like good shit talkers.

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