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  1. They’re all hamburgers whatever. Incidentally, the best hamburgers in the world are made with ground pork, not beef, and you can’t buy them.

    When I was young there was no such thing as ground pork in my area, so it’s saying something that it would change my mind.

    1. Oh yes. Beef burgers have inferior genes, low intelligence, poorer school outcomes, greater incarcerations per 100,000…

    2. Trying your pork idea. The best burgers are made at home, on an iron grill. Fast food restaurants have yet to impress me.

    3. true that. fast food joints are for speed, not comfort. Also, a well-made beefburger will outclass a lousy porkburger. Have to know your way around a kitchen.

  2. Neither of them has anything that even comes close to a shit that a real burger would take after a long night of drinking.

  3. Fuck both of those “burger” joints. Neither one can claim 100% beef. There is just as much filler in those patties as beef and they taste like shit.

    You want a real burger? Make it yourself out of 100% fresh ground chuck. Or 60% Fresh ground chuck, 20% ground pork, 20% ground veal. That shit will melt in your mouth like sweet pussy.

    1. No, it really is 100% beef… Lips, eye lids, nut sack, gums, ears, the shit that falls on the floor when they cut the real meat… I’ve seen it first person.

  4. Burger king just wants to have more business than McDonalds, so you guys don’t have to hate on them so much, there are other people who like fast food and sometimes people just don’t have the time to cook so they just go to a burger joint and boom, food.

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