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    1. Do you hear that? That’s ABSOLUTELY no one laughing at that sad attempt at a joke or insult or whatever the fuck that was. BRAVO!

    2. Hey, 2Queer-O, what time do the titty-bars open there in Vegas on a Sunday? Or do they ever close? Didn’t you say one time that you worked in or “managed” a titty-bar? Or are you even allowed in any titty-bar?

    3. When the fuck was he coherent enough to tell you all this? Lol All I’ve ever seen him do is babble incessantly.

    4. Oh it was one of the many times that I’ve told him I was gonna come out there and kick his ass and he got on a spill about how he would have some of his goons meet me at the airport and take me to the bar that he worked at and on and on… He’s not as “Ralph Waldo Emerson” as he usually is when you really get him pissed. He loses all that metaphysical, transcendentalism that he’s usually all hyped up with.

  1. Doralingis and Ambrosia need to do a 3 way with 2lolo and get it out of their systems. Don’t forget to take the money shot across your faces.

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