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  1. What a fucking pussy , all tough on the internet but would piss his pants and run away if he was ever confronted . Asshole of the Day , grats

  2. Apparently, the man who doesn’t wash his hair only knows one phrase: “mother f******”.

    I don’t want to live on this planet, any more. Fail times ten to the umpteenth power.

  3. This is more then enough proof that our country is failing when it comes to dealing with our mentally ill. Im sure this guy is on drugs, collects welfare, has a criminal record, dropped out of highschool and has a disease (hepatitis b) my guess…oh and yeah he can do whatever he wants and has a motherf..king Youtube channel.

    1. What’s the alternative though? Lock them all away in mental wards forever so we can all pay even more taxes to have them all taken care of and drugged up 24/7?

      Just let him keep living at his mom’s house and let it be her problem until he kills himself someday.

    1. @Ambrosia
      Won’t Play??? Ooo!!! Bad Ass is fucking Doralingis Ass …… Doralingis has a big smile on…. You didn’t miss anything..

  4. ” ‘cuz uhm the crehziest muthafukuh out theh.”

    No, the craziest motherfuckers out there are blowing themselves to bits with suicide vests. Try that out in a remote location.

  5. Here’s an idea fuck face, GET A JOB! Oh wait, you can’t because you tattooed your whole face. So we get to pay for your stupid ass for the rest of your life.

  6. What a retarded piece of trash. There isn’t any difference between this punk ass and a fucking dirty nig.ger. Neither one will ever get a job. I’d stick a rusty screwdriver in this cocksuckers throat just to remove the filthy piece of shit from the gene pool.

    1. Awe, why so angry mikey? The hilarious irony here is that your rant makes you appear to be an even bigger douchebag than the clown in the video. There are too many racist psychotics removing people from the gene pool with rusted household tools these days mikey, don’t become a statistic.

  7. This pathetic man sounds like a 10 year old brat. I can do what I mother fuckin want! I bet he knows he looks like a penis with all those tatts on his face and thats why he acts like a 10 year old spoilt brat. He looks like one of those looser’s that showers when he thinks he smells bad and not when we can smell him when he walks past us or in front so we basically get his exhaust fumes. I bet his bell end is pure cheesy!!!! Bet its yellow!!!! Kill him!!!!!1

  8. I just went to his Facebook page and, well, go look your self. got it off jekaterin above me two places. He is a very talented tattooist but I still dont understand why he did that to his face cause you can see he aint no freak.

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