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  1. WTF? They thought he was armed? he was naked dammit, should be pretty easy to see if a weapon is concealed or not before you’re at the 14th taze!

    1. Yeah right. I suppose the reason douche bags like you exsist is because your mom told your dad she was bulimic.

  2. I have found that by and large, the type of people that want to be cops are usually NOT the kind of people that should be cops.

  3. This_guy….. are you fucking retarted? Yes he was naked and trippin ball’s but does it justified what happened to him? And btw using lsd once in a while DOES NOT transform you into a junkie…. retarded piece of shit… you SHOULD be erased off the face of the earth… watever happen’s to you wont be consider abuse…

  4. Yes, cops were possibly wrong. And, yes, if you find yourself running around naked, tripping on acid, being chased by police for stealing biscuits, you’re such a loser that your death is no big loss to the world.

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