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  1. I like the legal reps rapid response team at the end: “Sir, we are calling the police, and that glass will cost you $20,000 to replace.

  2. “I didn’t see the metal handle on the door, and I didn’t see the huge reflection in the glass I didn’t see.”

    Stupid as he is, it sucks that he’s probably blind for life, now.

    1. He may be stupid, but that truly is a terribly dangerous design for that lobby, to make the entire wall glass and make it look exactly like the door. This was bound to happen.

    2. Yeah, I mean how are people supposed to reasonably walk face first into doors without looking like normal everyday people, if the doors are really walls? Clearly that is the fault of the dumb door.

  3. I see what happened here now. The placement of the safety sign, the very thin vertical division of the glass, and the open door combined momentarily to suggest that WAS the opened doorway. Also the unnatural design with the outer door displaced far off to the right from the inner, where one would instinctively want it more directly ahead of the inner door.

  4. Ive seen videos that people make of these, they literally clean the windows so well that people cant even see there is glass there. Also the man is looking down so he didnt notice the bar on the floor where the glass starts just looks to him like nothing is there. Dont you ever wonder why when putting those windows up theres around 3-5 inches of short wall before the window?

    1. I agree. The overall design was waiting for the statistical hammer to fall. It happened to fall on this poor clown.

  5. He’s nothing more than a dumb ass but a rich dumb ass at that”! If he was smart he got millions for this accident lol.

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