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  1. Nig.ger is too fucking dumb to realize only breast milk comes from a woman’s tits. Who gave this chimp permission to leave the monkey enclosure at the zoo?
    Absolutely unfit to raise a child.

    Why do nig.gers stink?
    So blind people can hate them too.

    1. You secretly like you a good ol piece of dark chocolate every now and then don’t you? Come on! You can admit it!

    2. Oh, he obviously desires it, it’s just that Mom, Dad, other family members, and friends would learn of his secret fantasy and possibly burn a cross in his ass and so he’s but hurt because he knows he’ll never the the mudshark he desires to be while all this worry of him getting caught is in his troubled head.
      I suggest therapy or maybe that new preacher in town that helps people deal with their Jungle Love.

    3. MIKEY..whats the matter?? A black man steal your woman?? People like you have NO PLACE in the WORLD. I FOUGHT AND BLED WITH BLACK MEN/WOMEN so you would have the FREEDOM to be a dumb piece of shit redneck. ALL OF THEM WERE BETTER MEN/WOMEN THAN YOU. Do US ALL A FAVOR and get neutered BEFORE you pass on your disgusting views to your offspring. YOU are what’s wrong with the world. YOU MAKE ME SICK.

    4. That’s 3 on just 1 of my comments too. Bunch of fucking suckers.

      Hey COMBATIVEFORLIFE, how fucking old ARE you? Because the last war that was fought to secure our freedoms here was the Revolutionary war. Some also would say the Civil war. So, unless you’re at least 170 years old; then shut the fuck up.

    5. yeah, thanks for carpet bombing and occupying the middle east in defense of free speech rights in America, bro. that worked out real well.

    1. Eh, I actually like to be able to tell the dick is in my mouth if I’m going to be blowing on it which I assume pretty much rules you out.

  2. Bunch of nlgger lovers posting on here, I hope you have daughters one day that burn coal and pay the ultimate price for it.

  3. I don’t know what you are all talking about. This is perfectly acceptable parenting among the nlgger species. Tree swinging moon crickets do not raise their young as do human beings. That can be witnessed by simply walking through any given jigaboo neighborhood late at night. Here is just a classic example of what the jungle groids practice in their attempt to mimic human behavior so as to blend in and continue receiving government assistance. Instead of insulting the groids, just marvel at the pointless attempts to evolve. If a zoo ape did this you would all find it cute, so thus, this too should be understood as cute. At least it’s trying!

    1. They start raping them younger and younger these days. This dirty stinkin’ ape couldn’t even wait until it grew tits.

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