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  1. Did you see Ambrosia??? laid on her bed, fingering herself and her dog came in and took a smell…. And ran away from home/////

    1. 2lolo, you really need to stop downloading all of this beastiality porn. I’ll bet there is a guy that works at the NSA that likes that shit and he is probably in charge of monitoring it. Same goes for the birthing videos; I just hope they’re not the same guy.
      That shit if fucked up and shouldn’t be watched anyways. Just check your fucked-up-ness and realize…THEY ARE WATCHING YOU.

    2. Lol, he just proves what he’s into more and more when he makes comments like that! I won’t help fulfill your fantasies 2creepo, I WONT!!

    3. To Doralingis
      I can’t help it, watching beastiaity porn… Seeing you and Finger Fuck FRED fuck each other ass and suck on dirty cocks..
      Ambrosia want to join in…..

    4. So you admit watching it? Guys sucking each other off gets you going does it? Still got that crusty sock?

  2. Ok. Cut these bullshit ads out. I can’t even watch/enjoy the vids because War Thunder plays on and on and on and it drowns out the F-150 ad. Now I’ve spent more time writing this comment which makes me even more aggravated and I get aggravated enough, I don’t need it here where I come for a cheap laugh after a long day at work. Capeche?

    1. Ok. f*ck it. Posting that last comment reloaded the page which a)reset the war thunder ad, and b) made me watch the F150 ad again. F%^k you epicfail, I thought you were better than that. I’ll come back if/when you get your shit together.

  3. When americans tell someone they are from the states the 3:00 mark is what people from other countries think of. Fat, gross, lazy fucks.

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