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    1. Well, I watched the first couple minutes then fast forwarded some…saw my wish wasn’t coming to fruition and quit watching. Lol I think watching the whole thing may have given me a brain tumor. IDK.

    2. Video WOULDN’T fast forward. More EF fail? My browser fail? Where’s Dora incidentally? Fumbling half asleep in bed for a smoke?

    3. Hmmm weird! I watched it on my phone and it let me….not sure who’s fail that is! He was around here earlier, not sure where he wandered off too!

      If you want my view on this newfound masterpiece of classic art…it sucked, and yes I watched it all the way though, but only because I was hoping for some more Asian skin shown…preferably around the clitorial region. However, alas, twas not shit here except…shit.
      The fucktard singing does not have any Idea what he is even saying in the song. He is, again obviously a “conservative” uhmerican’s fuckwitted son and at a very late age has decided to finally move out of the basement by getting his first job is, again very obvoiusly not going to come to any legitimate fruition.
      IT SUCKED!

    5. Sure, all the popular conservative american children are sporting Australian accents these days, right right?

  1. I think….maybe, the point is that it was recorded backwards. For real. I think he rapped everything backwards until the last verse when it sounds like regular rapping. As lame as this is, if this is the case, it gets one point for creativity.

  2. This man has to be deaf. This is seriously the worst shit ever!!! What is he like 40?! Shouldn’t he be at work making some real fucking money?! What a fucking piece of shit. Somebody explained music to him on paper one time and this is his interpretation. I can promise you he’s never heard a single note through those Dre beats. I’m just fucking amazed.


    Her name is Vivian but calls herself “Miss sly” OMFG!
    I knew she was stupid but I really had no idea!

    HAHAHA! Shot on location in good ol’ melbourne Australia.

  4. So if you want to make a shitty rap music video, just drive to where expensive people park their shit hope no one calls the cops on you and throw out cheesy lines about your not even happening life?

  5. After watching some of this and looking at the site advertised at the end, this guy is pretty clearly just trolling the shit out of everyone.

  6. I thought this was a really bad joke until I looked this dude up and found out all his songs sound like this….

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