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  1. What the fuck ever! Obviously the dude has some talent in terms of artistic ability, but he had practiced painting that exact same painting 1000 times before doing it live. That’s not talent. That’s repetition. Still, not taking anything away from it being a “cool” thing to do… ONCE! Apart from that, good to see Andy (superfag) Cooper has finally found his rightful place on television as a reality show judge, which is far more appropriate than journalism. But that’s logical since the natural progression of all CNN “journalists” would be from news to reality show judge to clown to celebrity rehab.

    1. Not only that, but I think he was timing the painting down to the last practiced second. He could have done it in 60 seconds or less.

    1. I’m sort of exaggerating. It’s only the ones that are external to the video. When it’s the splash-one hit the back button (not next fail), or click on Window menu;

      and watch zeobit’s spam-ware MacKreeper pop-back, click on it and kill it.

      The headset is off so I don’t hear any of MacKreeper’s Kreepy sales-pitch.

      zeobit, you are slimy, creepy, borderline malware peddlers and everyone but the noobs you prey on know it.

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