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    1. As one who have tinitus. I can gladly tell you that it is loud noices who will bother us for the rest of our life you uneducated fuckwad.

    1. @Ambrosia
      True very True…. I enjoy watching Beastiality Viedos… When Doralingis is fucking a Donkey but the best part is when Doralingis does “ASS to MOUTH” with the Donkeys…..

    2. @Ambrosia
      PS. As for BIRTHING Videos…. I seen yours… When you gave birth to a Nigg. Ape….. But I could see your pussy and your Nigg. Ape head…. Everything was Dark Black…. Maybe you should wash your pussy, sometimes..

    3. I like how you came 5 minutes after your first comment to add another “witty” comment. Too bad you failed both times.

    4. Dear Ambrosia
      YES!!!!! I did Cum in 5 minutes…. You give a good Blow-Job and when you Swallow ever last drop… I was ready to Cum again…. DAMN!!!!! For a price of a Taco at “Taco Bell” here is my $1.00……

  1. His only crime was not buying toilet paper? be glad you don’t have someone like my brother who brings his whore of a girlfriend over every night, even after chasing her outta the house yelling she was a whore she came sneaking back, like a stray dog you have to chase away from the trash cans.

  2. Oh my, the man would become deaf after such horrible noise. i played same prank with my horn bought from pbmissions, that was too loud. ear deafening stuff..:P

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