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    1. Yep. She’s definitely not a happy camper. She acts like she’s being mistreated and just going along with his bullshit to avoid more of it.

    2. Well, I’m still at a loss as to how the dog won. He looks like he’s in just about the same shitty mood as she is.

  1. Holy fucking shit man. Where do i start?
    Couldn’t stand more than 2 seconds of that nig.ger shit. Another no talent wanna be thug wigger with a face you’d love to smash in with a cinder block.

    Jesus fucking Christ. Is there something in the water that keeps these retarded assclowns reproducing more and more idiotic offspring?

    1. I’d like to know what’s going on with that poor girl. She’s have more of problem with the situation than just that painted lame music box’s performance.

  2. Holy crap. “Amandine du 38” is very “famous” in France, but not for her talent. Hopefully, you don’t understand the lyrics. Except if you speak french.. What a bad luck for our little ears… I shit inside me 🙁

  3. What I want to know, if the entire world hates our lifestyle, WHY DO THEY KEEP STEALING OUR SHIT???(music style, clothing style)

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